Really enjoyed this, thanks! Especially liked the Channel Orange (frank ocean reference?) song and video for "IIIR" and the Run Run Run.

I'm wondering if you have any thoughts or advice for connecting with musicians in China? For example, I'd love to feature some of this within a Substack video show I'm working on...the Run Run Run video would be a perfect fit! https://miter.substack.com/p/salon-du-monde-fremont-001

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Nov 13, 2023·edited Nov 13, 2023Author

Thanks very much! And yes, that is a Frank Ocean reference - I tend to throw in silly puns / references to non-Chinese acts along the way in these Substacks, glad someone finally noticed one, ha.

If you're not in China and can't get to gigs then the next best thing is probably to get in touch with them through WeChat. Most bands / artists have official WeChat accounts or are represented by labels who do (e.g. Space Fruity). If you'd rather not download / get on WeChat, then Weibo is available just in web browsers and, again, most artists have accounts there - once you've signed up, you can just comment on their posts or DM them.

The alternative to all of that, at least in the case of that Run Run Run video, is probably to try and contact them / comment via YouTube (Space Fruity must be on there now and again to upload things) or Bandcamp: https://spacefruityrecords.bandcamp.com/

Hope that helps!

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Thanks very much! Will give it a shot and will watch this space for recs!

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